Friday, June 29, 2012

:: thought of youth ::

Once upon a time, adults are adults. They are independent, confident, wise and responsible just because they are adults. It's like they were never kids, like they've always been like what they are now, adults. That, my thoughts exactly, when a kid.

They are old at 20, ancient at 30. Even. I had never thought of the ages beyond that. Because anything beyond should be, the golden citizens. LOL!

Being 25 this year seriously shit! I'm 25th already?! really brings me back to my childhood, and how I used to view the world. How simple and uncritical a child's mind is. I am 25. But I only feel 25 at times. Those times during which I actually do act like an adult. And at those moments I would pause whatever it is that I am doing and think; wow, is this what it feels like to be 25?

It feels surreal but completely normal at the same time.

Now 20 feels young, fresh and naive. 30, still barely there. That as long as you are still in your 20s, life is good, life has just only begun.

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