Friday, February 10, 2012

:: Meh cni.. ade cite lucah nk share ::

ok...hahah title sgt DARING!!
sbenarnye nk share sumthing wth u guys... xnk ckp byk.. tgk gambar k.
Aku tau msti ade "ORG HITAM YG JELES"

Sbb aku BAHAGIA SGY-SGT-SGT...alhamdullilah~

this is the SPECIAL BIRTHDAY cake for my love on his 25th
A gift from Mak Angkat I from BANDUNG... unexpected gift <3

MY IPAD 2...hahha (ko xmampu an Gemok hodoh hitam??!) booooo
My peeps! thnks for be there n celebrating Mr.Boyfie's birthday

My syg IPAD we both have Ipad..

My precious lil cutey pie Niece
so overall... this pictures shows how lucky n happy I am...
ALHAMDULLILAH  n thank you ALLAH for blessing me in this life.

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